Conveyor System

Conveyor System Coir Machinery
Conveyor System


Dimension   360 Ft(Length is Approximate)
Power   11 Hp
Capacity   3 to 4 Ton per Shift


  • Easy to Install
  • Price Realization
  • Higher Productivity
  • Good Quality Running
  • Excellent Performance
  • Precision roller bearing & Shaft
  • Low Maintanence & Long life design
  • Machine Frames Rigid, Robust, Torsion high grade Channels angels used to Dampen Vibration while running
  • Bearing & Shaft are mounted on amply dimension high
  • Gears are Manufacture from high quality steel to impart high wear resistant and fatigue Strength

Quality Test

The main parameters on which quality is tested are as follows

  • Power Consumption
  • Performance
  • Corrosion Resistance
  • Cost Operations
  • Technical Support